Fund raising for your nonprofit organization? Do it like a pro!

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If you are looking for options to gain money for specific charitable purposes, it’s necessary to be creative and recognize that even if the money is for charity or other good causes, you need to offer some value to those that, for a moment become your clients. That’s why you need to find affordable and memorable options.


Most organizations choose events as the best way to collect money and, at the same time, share with their community. A big dinner, an elegant lunch, a concert or an art gallery are good options, however, events require a lot of investment In terms of money, time and work. The planning for an event this big would take weeks and even months, with no warrantee of a good return of the expenses.


It’s important to remember you’re not trying to sell anything, so if there’s something offered in exchange of the donation, it needs to have more of a sentimental meaning than a specific use or a high cost. In this case, flowers are a great option. Do you want to know why? Keep reading:


  • Flowers are widely used with decorative purposes, and can be used in any space and season.

  • - Flowers can show affection and gratitude, so they are perfect for charity.

  • - With 48 Fresh Flowers you don’t need months of planning: you can order your flowers with only 48 hours of anticipation.

  • - Flowers never get old and are appropriate for people of any culture or social level.

  • - Flowers are a memory that remains at home with the donator, reminding him/her the contribution made to a good cause.


Don’t wait more to begin increasing the funds raised by your organization with each event and generating a unique floral experience to your donators. Contact us to know more about our first class products and the many uses you can give them.

Fund raising for your nonprofit organization? Do it like a pro!