Tips to “dress up” your business for St. Valentine’s Day


St. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to invite your customers to live a special experience and move to the top of their minds.

In the States, 61.8% of the population celebrates St. Valentine’s day and you can become your customer´s ally to celebrate this special occasion. 

The most common activities for this special day are:


  • Having a romantic dinner.
  • Planning a romantic getaway in a beautiful hotel.
  • Attend church service with their loved one.
  • Visiting a theatre or museum.
  • Relaxing at a spa.

So, If your business provides any of these services the following tips are going to be super useful!

Tip 1. Music

Music and love had always been the best combination. Live music would be a great idea, but if you don’t want to overload the place, you can use some soft romantic songs as a background calming sound

Tip 2. Illumination

Dim the lights to create the perfect scenario for lovers. One good and inexpensive option is to use candles to illuminate the venue.

Tip 3. Decoration

The goal is to make feel couples that love is in the air as if they were in a romantic fairy tale. And there is no better option than red roses to create this atmosphere.

You might think that decorating with flowers will take a long time and a huge effort. But thanks to 48 Fresh Flowers you only need to make your order and we will deliver fresh stems within 48 hours straight to your business door.

Flowers give any place a romantic and sensual vibe, perfect for St. Valentine’s Day, they are a must for this celebration.

Tip 4. Offer free drinks

Whether it is wine or champagne, a free drink will always help you to differentiate, creating unique experiences that your guests will never forget!

Tip 5. Gifts

St. Valentine’s is not only for couples, it’s the day of love and the opportunity for your company to show how much you appreciate your customers. Furthermore than decoration, flowers are an excellent present.

Remember all these efforts can help you turn a special date into profit, driving sales and additional traffic to your business. Increasing your loyal customers list.


Don’t wait more to increase the profit of your organization with each event and generating a unique floral experience to your customers. Contact us to know more about our first class products and the many uses you can give them.