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Tips to “dress up” your business for St. Valentine’s Day

  St. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to invite your customers to live a special experience and move to the top of their minds. In the States, 61.8% of the population celebrates St. Valentine’s day and you can become your customer´s ally to celebrate this special occasion.  The most common activities for this special day are:   Having a romantic dinner. Planning a romantic getaway in a beautiful hotel. Attend church service with their loved one. Visiting a theatre or museum. Relaxing at a spa. So, If your business provides any of these services the following tips are going to be super useful! Tip 1. Music Music and love had always been the best combination. Live music would be...

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Fund raising for your nonprofit organization? Do it like a pro!

If you are looking for options to gain money for specific charitable purposes, it’s necessary to be creative and recognize that even if the money is for charity or other good causes, you need to offer some value to those that, for a moment become your clients. That’s why you need to find affordable and memorable options. Most organizations choose events as the best way to collect money and, at the same time, share with their community. A big dinner, an elegant lunch, a concert or an art gallery are good options, however, events require a lot of investment In terms of money, time and work. The planning for an event this big would take weeks and even months, with...

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How to put a smile on your client’s faces: 5 tips

A satisfied customer can become a spokesman, in this manner, a client can create a complete network of people that will choose your company over the competitors, just because this one person gave them a good review about it. So, if you are looking for customers that become commercial partners of your company, follow this tips: Customer service Have a customer service philosophy based in relationship building, this will make your clients feel like insiders: a valuable part of the company. Do your best to offer a seamless service and put the communication means close to their hand. Know your target To know your customers is the first step to offer products and services that will cover all their needs....

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